Dr Kam Star, Managing Director
PlayGen, London , UK

Kam Star is a digital media entrepreneur, inventor, researcher, investor and award winning games developer. Creating his first computer game in 1986, he studied Architecture and his PhD on games and gamification. He is deeply passionate about innovation in play, behavioural influence and collective intelligence.

Founder of PlayGen, Kam designs and develops playful solutions and platforms for delivering engaging experiences across the digital landscape. He has produced gaming projects for the European Commission, BBC, AVIVA, Eden Project, UNESCO, McKinsey, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, EPSRC, NESTA, MoD, NHS, TSB, Wellcome Trust and many more.

Kam was also the founder of Digital Shoreditch, with the aim of bringing the outstanding creative, technical and entrepreneurial talent closer together, hosting 1500 speakers and over 50,000 attendees. Through Digital Shoreditch Kam has worked with City of London, London Stock Exchange, London and Partners, Ogilvy & Mather, Pearson, Amazon, City University, Queen Mary’s University, Ordnance Survey and hundreds of other awesome individuals and organisations.

Specialities: Highly skilled multidisciplinary design and development manager and producer. Competent in aesthetics and visual design as well as mathematics and technical design. Software architecture, game play mechanics, gamification, control mechanisms, interface design, AI programming, platform design, authoring tool design, serious games, game based learning, influence through play, persuasion, behavioural economics, cyber influence and bringing people together.

Mr Mathieu Einig
Leading Applications Engineer,
Imagination Technology Ltd, London.

He worked as a research assistant at Teesside with Dr Wen Tang on Soft Bodies Physics for medical simulation, before joining the University of Reading and working on various Computer Vision research projects, ranging from content tagging to privacy-respecting video analytics.

Mathieu then joined Imagination Technologies in 2013, and is now a lead engineer in the PowerVR 3D demo team. He has since then had the opportunity to work on exciting new technologies for mobile graphics, including low-level graphics APIs and real-time raytracing. Work produced by the PowerVR demo team can be seen at: